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8 innovative AI features to use in a content collaboration platform

Our routine has completely transformed with the arrival of AI-powered content collaboration tools, as many frustrating creative challenges have been successfully tackled. Content generation, chatting, information search, spellchecking, you name it. To keep up with today’s rising quality standards and enjoy the new level of working comfort, you may want to introduce a few AI […]

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Integrate Nextcloud into your app with the help of the OCS API Viewer

At our Hub 4 release, we announced that Nextcloud was working to support OpenAPI! This would result in the ability to automatically generate standardized, high quality API documentation as well as several other cool things. One of those cool things is the OCS API Viewer. The viewer makes it easy to view and interact with […]

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ethical ai

AI in Nextcloud: what, why and how

Over the last year, AI has become a popular topic. Some is hype, some is substance. Some is good, some is bad. We want to give you the good, not the bad, and ignore the hype! AI has a ton of opportunity – but also risk. So we put you in control – off by […]

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App development tutorials

Develop your own Nextcloud Apps: Check out our new tutorials!

Whether you’re an amateur, experienced or an expert developer, our tutorials will prepare you for developing apps for Nextcloud. We focus on open source app development and are commited to providing our community all the tools they need to transform their ideas into real Nextcloud apps. Why Nextcloud Apps? Jump start 🚀 Nextcloud offers you […]

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Nextcloud 9 best collaboration platform features for government users

9 Nextcloud features for Government users

With rising concerns over data privacy and new regulations, Governments are increasingly moving away from foreign cloud providers. The best solution for governments is to be digitally sovereign, or in other words, have control over your digital destiny. Nextcloud offers government the most ideal package – a self-hosted, private cloud solution that’s under your full […]

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Nextcloud Exchange Connector Beta Program

4 reasons to sign up for the Nextcloud Exchange Connector Beta

Explore 4 reasons to participate in the Nextcloud Exchange Connector Beta Program and experience the power of bi-directional syncing with Microsoft Exchange.

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Nextcloud notes: secure note-taking, integrated

Nextcloud Notes: secure and integrated note-taking

What started as a community app is now a core part of Nextcloud – introducing Nextcloud Notes! Do you ever… ➡️ Need a quick way to take notes? ➡️ Suddenly think of a brilliant idea? ➡️ Want to brainstorm or plan? Nextcloud Notes is a convenient, open source and secure note-taking app for all your […]

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Nextcloud Talk related resources

Nextcloud Talk in Hub 4 – next level video chat

Over the last years Nextcloud Talk has developed in a fantastic productivity tool, enabling teams across the globe to communicate and collaborate in chat rooms, video meetings and webinars.

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Contribute to the Text app: the hidden gem!

Nextcloud Office comes with powerful and visible apps like Talk, Groupware and Deck, but quietly working in the background is perhaps the lesser known Text app. Nextcloud Text is perfect for note-taking, outlines and templates and it is also used in some other apps like Collectives for the text editing component. When you want to […]

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