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Digital Sovereignty for Governments with Nextcloud Enterprise

Governments, agencies and public services have the immense responsibility to protect citizen’s data. With the tremendous amount of choices for online collaboration tools hosted by dozens of different vendors, it is hard to keep an overview of where that data is. At the same time, strict policies forbidding employees from using random third-party platforms limits […]

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8 innovative AI features to use in a content collaboration platform

Our routine has completely transformed with the arrival of AI-powered content collaboration tools, as many frustrating creative challenges have been successfully tackled. Content generation, chatting, information search, spellchecking, you name it. To keep up with today’s rising quality standards and enjoy the new level of working comfort, you may want to introduce a few AI […]

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Push notifications

Nextcloud’s push notifications for iOS and Android

What is a push notification? Push notifications are alerts that notify users of a new message or update while an application is in standby or not actively running. At Nextcloud, push notifications are designed to protect users and their data. Since push notifications on your iPhone or Android phone depend on Apple and Google, we […]

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Meet the first open-source AI assistant that doesn't prey on your data

Meet the first open-source AI assistant that doesn’t prey on your data

The first ethical, open-source AI assistant that can get a multitude of tasks done for you without compromising your data.

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Jamaica Data Privacy Act

Jamaica looks to Nextcloud ahead of the Data Protection Act

Starting December 1st, 2023, Jamaican businesses will be officially held liable for privacy violations under the Data Protection Act. Passed in June 2020, the Data Protection Act provides guidelines on how personal data should be handled in physical or electronic form. All businesses that manage customer data must familiarize themselves with the rules of this […]

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Nextcloud introduces Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities with ICAP support

Data Loss Prevention, or DLP, is an essential security tool for any business or organization. Since you never know when you may be at risk of a data breach, it’s important to adopt some form of DLP. A typical example are anti-virus scanners. Thanks to the new ICAP support, Nextcloud can now be made to […]

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Smart Picker

What’s the Smart Picker? Nextcloud’s feature-full menu!

Nextcloud’s Smart Picker was introduced in our Hub 4 release, improved in Hub 5 and is now fully ready for your use! What is the Smart Picker? The Smart Picker is a cross-application feature enabling users to use AI, enhance communication and integrate other apps more efficiently. Use AI 🧠 Use your voice to send […]

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Integrate Nextcloud into your app with the help of the OCS API Viewer

At our Hub 4 release, we announced that Nextcloud was working to support OpenAPI! This would result in the ability to automatically generate standardized, high quality API documentation as well as several other cool things. One of those cool things is the OCS API Viewer. The viewer makes it easy to view and interact with […]

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ethical ai

AI in Nextcloud: what, why and how

Over the last year, AI has become a popular topic. Some is hype, some is substance. Some is good, some is bad. We want to give you the good, not the bad, and ignore the hype! AI has a ton of opportunity – but also risk. So we put you in control – off by […]

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