Nextcloud Enterprise
for the public sector

We at Nextcloud help the organizations in the public sector to reclaim its digital sovereignty

Why do organizations in the
public sector use Nextcloud?

Organizations in the public sector are moving away from foreign cloud providers amid rising concerns about digital sovereignty. Nextcloud has emerged as the most deployed self-hosted private cloud solution in the public sector and governments.


The need to digitalize

Organizations in the public sector need to level up and improve productivity by enabling remote work, real-time collaboration and fast but secure document exchange with other organizations.

Protect citizens data

With a growing digitization, the challenge of privacy and security becomes ever bigger. Governments can not be seen to leak data of citizens.

Remain digitally sovereign

Government functions have to be independent of individual vendors, and can not be subject to pressure of foreign governments, hackers or big tech companies.

How Nextcloud delivers
to its customers

Nextcloud offers a modern, easy to use content collaboration platform accessible through mobile, desktop and web interfaces. Teams can collaborate in real time on documents, chat and engage in video calls, access their email or plan meetings in calendars. As a pure software vendor, Nextcloud does not force customers to host in its data centers but works with a variety of leading partners to provide SaaS or on-premises solutions.

  • Don’t hand your data to a third party
  • Fully auditable code
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Industry leading security features

Advantages of
Nextcloud Enterprise

Only Nextcloud Enterprise offers organizations the reliability, security and compliance they need to confidently deploy software in critical environments.

Community Version Enterprise Version
Easy Sharing
Real-time collaboration
Scalability ~500 users Millions
Testing/QA community Enterprise QA
Security updates For 9 months For up to 5 years
Monitoring Basic monitoring Nextcloud Guard
Outlook integration
Early notification about security issues
Support SLA
up to 24/7
Global Scale
Microsoft integrations
Enterprise Apps
Authentication, workflows, security
Unlimited push Notifications
Roadmap influence
Access to decision makers at Nextcloud and influence on roadmap and seat at the product advisory board
Knowledge base and training
Certified compliance
GDPR documentation

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Case studies
Nextcloud Enterprise

Ministère de l'Intérieur logo

Thierry Markwitz, Deputy Director of Infrastructures at Ministère de l’Intérieur

The French government cares deeply about the safety of the data of their citizens and employees. With the on-premises content collaboration platform Nextcloud we have opted for a secure, easy to use solution from the leading European vendor.

Informationstechnikzentrum Bund logo

German Federal
Government, ITZBund

Nextcloud provides users with a modern, easy-to-use and productivity-oriented solution that enables efficient online and mobile collaboration and communication. ITZBund now provides an on-premises open source solution from a German provider to keep control over their own data.


Ville de Genève deploys Nextcloud

With such prominence and importance on a global level, the Geneva city administrators place a high priority on security. It is very important for them to have a cloud solution that is secure, compliant with privacy law, and that all their data is kept in Switzerland. With Nextcloud, these requirements were all possible and to prove it, extensive measures were evaluated to make sure our solution was the best fit.